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KOLD MIRAGE is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


Sometime after completing Spellbound, Nix will text V stating he has decrypted the spellbook, and provides coordinates to a location deep in the Municipal Landfill, down the road past Medeski Fuel Station. Alternatively, the quest may be started by simply coming to this location sometime after completing Ghost Town.

The coordinates lead to an old freezer. Open it to find the corpse of Rache Bartmoss, and, after a short dialogue with Johnny Silverhand, scan the freezer and pick up Bartmoss' Cyberdeck.

Head to the Afterlife and show the deck to Nix, who will tell you that Bartmoss was likely killed by NetWatch. He will offer to decrypt the data on the deck, either now or at a later time.

Although he encounters little resistance when he begins accessing the deck, Nix soon trips a hidden piece of malware, and his cyberware begins to malfunction. Johnny reappears, recognizing the malware as a "brain broiler" and urging V to do something fast. There are two possible ways to save Nix. You can either override the power panel on the wall next to the door or jack into the computer next to Nix's desk to breach the cyberdeck yourself. The latter option will allow Nix full access to the deck's data, and out of gratitude for saving his life he will reward V with five quickhacks he found: Memory Wipe, Reboot Optics, Short Circuit, Sonic Shock, and System Collapse.

Journal Entry[]

Always somethin' interesting to be found at the dump. Take a half-dead, half-brain merc with an experimental chip in their head for example. Or, in this case, a freezer from 2020... a glimpse into the past.


  • See where the coordinates lead.
  • Open the freezer.
  • Talk to Johnny.
    • Scan the freezer.
  • Take the deck.
  • Go to the Afterlife and talk to Nix.
  • If you choose not to let Nix decrypt the data:
    • Talk to Nix if you change your mind. [Optional]
  • Place the deck on Nix's desk.
  • Wait for Nix to finish the decryption.
  • Find a way to save Nix.
  • Talk to Nix.



  • The title of the job comes from KOLD MIRAGE, a number from the album REMNANT by Lorn.