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Nani?... Bosozukus? They aren't even worth mentioning anymore, no one ever talks about cockroaches that they've stepped on


Junko Nishimura was born in Kobe, Japan to a simple family that owned a local noodle shop where they lived upstairs. At a young age Junko started working in the shop with her family as a part time job as she went to school. Attending a fine a fine high school she was working to one day own the family business. One day upon returning from school, she found her family being attacked by a bosozuku gang that set fire to the noodle shop. The incident saw her mother killed and her father now out of a job.

Junko went to a university to now pursue a new dream of becoming a police detective to solve crimes and save the people who could be potential victims of gang violence in the area. Her ambitions weren't thought to highly of from her family and many just wanted her to get married. However her urge for justice and revenge was too strong and she continued despite the disapproval of her family. Graduating from university she joined the Hyogo Prefecture Police Academy and trained for many years.

Junko upon completion of the police academy was welcomed into the police force where she learned how difficult the job really was. Yakuza, Triads, Bosozukus, Teamers, Posers all were a common threat in Kobe and needed specialty training to combat. With dedication and hard work Junko became one of the top police in the city. After a few years she became a police detective cracking down on the Yakuza crime scandals in the city and taking down hackers and netrunners. In 2028 she attempted to investigate a Arasaka and Bosozuku connection, while not encouraged, she continued her work until evidence was found and an investigation was completed. Her service and accomplishments has led to her getting many notices to join a Corporate agencies, however turned them down to stay with the smaller and less financed police Agency.

Junko's history as an un-corrupted detective is one of the reasons of her being one of the few Police in Kobe not bought by Corporate greed. She often works alone, but isn't opposed to working with others. Junko is a very social person and can usually get what she wants through persuading others or her natural leadership charm. She has a wardrobe mainly made up of leather jackets, and leisure wear. She actually short and sweet, but intimidating during interrogations. She can be found during the day in the Yaki Bar in Port Island.


Interface Plugs, Chip Processor, Skin Weave, Cyberoptic Socket, Times Marquee, targeting scope, Low Lite, image enhancement, basic cyberaudio, amplified hearing, radio link, phone splice, bug detector, sound editor, wide band scanner, rippers.


Education +7, Library Search +9, Human Perception +9, Persuasion +8, Leadership +6, Cybertech +5, Social +5, Martial Arts +7, Melee +2, Combat Sense +6, Awareness +8, Handgun +7, Japanese (Native), Chinese +4.


Type-12 Police Pistol and Armored Vest