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"You know what always annoyed me about Hiromi? He had no vision."

 — Jun Azegami, Cyberpunk 2077

Jun Azegami (Japanese: 畔上 純) is a high-ranking member of the Tyger Claws.


Jun Azegami is a high-ranking member of the Tyger Claws to whom lower management answers to directly. Among his duties is screening new Clouds employees as well as corporate decisions regarding the operations of the doll facility. He is professional, efficient and unforgiving, which are precisely the functioning qualities a gang like the Claws require among their leaders.

When the time for replacing Hiromi Sato comes, Jun and Marcus Ichida are invited by Maiko Maeda under pretences of evaluating a doll who will take the place of recently deceased Evelyn Parker. The braindance they were enjoying was interrupted by their host once she was ready to present her conditions for taking over as Hiromi's replacement.

Jun will agree that Hiromi was not a good choice for his position as he is incapable of taking a personal stance, as well as refusing to proceed without being told how to. The lack of certainty he displayed while performing his duty is something that Jun finds annoying, and with it, undependable. Maiko's offer, following her unannounced arrangement will show the resolution and ferocity that Jun thought Hiromi lacked as a leader.

The only way Jun will accept the given choice is if Maiko proves her value by Tyger principles of strength and ruthlessness and having an approved face, in this case, her merc, talk for her.

If V argues with Maiko:

Jun is not an easy man to please so, regardless of Maiko's fierce display, if V, the merc she hired as backup, doesn't appear to support her, she will instead appear to him as disorganised and her offer will not even be considered. The verbal altercation will end up in a physical encounter through which Jun will lose his life.

If V supports Maiko:

The support of a hireling looks good in Jun's eyes and upon accepting Maiko's offer, he will exclaim that he had no respect for Hiromi due to his lack of vision and end his life as he was still plugged into the virtue. Welcoming Maiko as the official replacement for the Clouds management, Jun will imply that this doesn't simply happen without conditions, which are yet to be given. Prior to concluding the affair, impressed by V's reliability, he will also offer a stable employment among the Tyger Claws as a final word.

If alive, both Jun and Marcus will attend the party at the Black Sapphire.[1]

Associated Quests[]


  • Jun is marked in the game dialogue simply as "Tyger Claw Boss."


  • His etymology is as follows:
    • His surname has the Kunyomi reading for "ridge" (畔, aze) and the rendaku pronunciation of "above, excellent, top" (上, gami). His given name is simply the Go-on'yomi reading for "innocent, pure" (純, jun).