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The Julliard are one of the many gangs in Night City.


The Julliard are a defensive gang composed entirely of street performers. Being a street performer is tough. It is hard to defend yourself while performing. And they do not get a lot of sympathy from the urban poor, who resent artsy types. Constantly harassed and attacked, they banded together to defend themselves.

Julliard weapons are subtle: weighted juggling clubs, and machine guns in viola cases. If you harass a street performer, you will regret it no matter who you are. You are guaranteed to get jumped later that day and end up with a broken leg, even if you are a Wild Thing. Encounters with the Vampyres and Bozos on big show nights are not uncommon, and are never friendly.

The gang decides where you are permitted to perform, with the best spots given to members with seniority or talent. 15% of the take goes to the gang, and the rest is kept by the performer(s). The gang assigns the spots on a weekly basis. New members will get the worst spots until they prove themselves.

New members are required to audition to join, and joining is mandatory on their turf. It is not uncommon for performers who perform without permission to end up with mutilated body parts. The only exception are the DJs, which the gang considers so talentless as to be beneath their notice.

Their turf is the area between the Corporate Center and the affluent neighborhoods nearby. It is defended by them not only for their own self-defense, but to create a pleasant environment for the foot traffic most likely to give them handouts.

The Julliard are based in a couple of cheap apartments over the International Cafe, close to affluent areas where elegant corporates are most likely to notice a young genius. A member of the gang specializing in street corner Kabuki once made it big when a wealthy visitor took him back to Japan. With hard work and talent, anyone can get lucky.[1]

The gang continued in existence in the Time of the Red, and had also become known as the Julliard Performers Guild. As imports and exports of movies became difficult in the 2040s, affiliated entertainers began to do simple - as well as elaborate - shows in public spaces throughout the suburbs. These street theaters had no cost, but encouraged donations, and were increasingly gaining popularity.[2]


Members of Julliard wear small bells on shoes, hat or sash.


Black and white masks of tragedy and comedy, with the motto "Kill a mime, go to jail."

Average Stats[]

7 7 8 6 5 6 6 5 4
SKILLS: Perform 7, Play Instrument 7, Social 6, Human Perception 5, Awareness 4, Personal grooming 3, Wardrobe and Style 4, Submachinegun 5, Persuasion 5, Dance 3, Martial Arts 6, Dodge 4.


Small inexpensive options only.


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