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Juliet Horrigan has two computers, that can be found in the Horrigan Family Home.

Ground Floor - Office[]



From: Message Sender CP2077 Rose Horrigan

To: Message Recipient CP2077 Juliet Horrigan

Omg it's been ages. How's life? Guess I'm writing with something on my mind... Remember when we were kids we played on that old dam? We'd shout our names, some other stupid stuff, then listen for the echoes... How our voices carried through the valley... sometimes I still feel like I can hear them. Different, strange words - like returning from a long trip out of town.... funny right?
Idk Julie, truth is everything's going off the rails, I feel worse and worse - losing my job certainly didn't help (and what the hell good was that new cyberware for, huh? ugh) I hope I'm not scaring you or asking to much, but was just thinking how nice it'd be to hear your voice - not just some echo of it... Maybe that's what I need to get right again?
Rose ----- From: Juliet Horrigan
To: Rose Horrigan
RE: hey... Rosie! Of course I remember the dam! Even the time we tried to kick that gonk Benny Dillard and his drone off it :P And yeah, I did hear about your job. I'm really sorry, that sucks so hard. But listen, I've been talking to Cy and we agree you should stay with us for a while. At least until you feel better. C'mon, just like old times. Julie

About Rose[]


From: Message Sender CP2077 Viktor Vektor

To: Message Recipient CP2077 Juliet Horrigan

Ms. Horrigan
I'm happy you turned to me instead of those Clean Cut scam artists. But I am sorry I don't have good news for you. The symptoms you described indicate a serious disorder that will continue to progress regardless of next steps taken. In cases like this I'm afraid no level of help you give your sister will do much good. The only real "cure" is one of the two MaxTac ways, if you understand my meaning. It's good you reached out to me, but it's best if you contact them next. The quicker they get on this, the safer it'll be for everyone around her - including you. Viktor Vektor

what's going on with Rose?[]


From: Message Sender CP2077 Clara Horrigan

To: Message Recipient CP2077 Juliet Horrigan

Julie, since yesterday Rose has called me 40 TIMES but all I ever hear on the line is erratic breathing. And I never get a response when I call her back. Do you know what's going on??? I'm really worried
Love, Mom ----- From: Juliet Horrigan
To: Clara Horrigan
RE: what's going on with Rose? hey mom, everything's alright. You know Rosie ;) when you have a hundred implants like she does chances are at least one's got a chip loose somewhere. Don't worry about it, we've got everything all under control. :)
love ya, Juliet

all ok? URGENT[]


From: Message Sender CP2077 El Capitán

To: Message Recipient CP2077 Juliet Horrigan

Julie, is all ok? Been a while we talked last and I got a few jobs I can't trust anyone else with.
Plus there's still the matter of Mr. K.T.'s data.
Write back quick - time ain't on our side on this one.
El Capitán



From: Message Sender CP2077 OffMed Store

To: Message Recipient CP2077 Juliet Horrigan

Your order has been approved. Please keep this confirmation for your records:
Lidocaine (400 x 10mg)
Betahaloperidol (200 x 0.5mg) Your order will be shipped to the listed address within 5 business days.

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