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Judy's Apartment is located on the second floor of a blue apartment building onn Charter Street in Kabuki, Watson. It is owned by Judy Alvarez. It is an unlockable apartment for V in Cyberpunk 2077.[1]



Judy and her family used to live in a small town called Laguna Bend on the outskirts of Night City. Around 2062, the company NC Dam Ltd. bought out the area around the town in order to be turned into a reservoir. The residents were forced to vacate and Judy and her grandparents moved into a rental apartment in Night City. However, her grandparents hated the city and left around two years later. They moved further north to Oregon while Judy stayed and made the apartment her own.[1]


Judy still lived in the apartment in 2077.

Associated Quests


  • During Both Sides, Now, when Judy calls the NCPD she says her apartment is located on "Northside, Jackson Street." This is probably an oversight since the apartment is located in Kabuki, Charter Street.
  • On her desk, Judy has a partially disassembled robot. If the player has romanced Judy, V can bring up a dialogue option with Johnny, where he says that Judy has good taste in robotics, but bad taste in women, remarking about her and V's relationship.