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Jotaro Shobo (Japanese: 正法 承太郎) is a high-ranking member of the Tyger Claws, owner of Kabuki's Ho-Oh club and a notorious XBD scroller with at least seventeen murders to his name.


Jotaro is considered to be one of the worst people in Night City. His strategically cold way of handling business and ferocious respect of the gang code allowed him to progress quickly up the ranks. His orders are authoritatively inflexible while he makes certain each job is executed accurately and on time, as to never leave the superiors waiting. This stringent devotion to the process and persistent incoming profit appeased the bosses to the point of being ready to provide full protection and look away from his more worrying traits, one of which was his alternate source of income - scrolling himself as a braindance regulator of the most violent kind, which earned him the name "The Devil of Kabuki".

Eventually, his fate is sealed when Mox netrunners managed to find him situated in Kabuki's Ho-Oh club. Their choice of fixer, in lack of access in this area, was Regina Jones, who contracted V to deal with the situation.

Jotaro is found in the comfort of his own home office in the top floor of the club, whether by going through heavy Tyger Claw security or back street window access. The scene found the related XBD workshop, followed by the shard he had on him at the time, may indicate that one more life was lost to his hand.

Depending on the choices made during the execution of the gig, V may either kill him on the spot, to which, the fixer will exclaim gratitude, or incapacitate him and carry him out to the driver standing by in a street behind the club. In this case, the fixer notes how he will be delivered to the Moxes and a minor bonus is awarded.[1]

A silent extraction will invite chatter among the remaining gang members speaking of his death as if it were an accident.[2]

Database Entry[]

Jotaro Shobo

If Night City had a contest for the most rotten-to-the-core piece of human garbage, Jotaro Shobo would stand a pretty decent chance of winning. Maybe not first place, but he'd definitely be up there. Jotaro is a high-ranking Tyger Claws ganger who, thanks to his intelligence, loyalty and ruthlessness, quickly made his way up the pecking order. He rules his lackeys with an iron fist and is never late with his cut for the bosses, who repay him with protection and turning a blind eye to his various "hobbies". One of them includes recording braindances and anyone who's relived them calls him the devil of Kabuki.[3]


Shards mentioning Jotaro[]

Associated Quests[]


  • If Monster Hunt has been completed before Automatic Love, V can threaten Woodman during said quest, stating he will meet with the same fate as Jotaro if he does not cooperate.


  • His etymology is as follows:
    • His surname has the Go-on'yomi reading for "justice" (正, shō) and the rendaku pronunciation for "method, law, principle" (法, ).
    • His given name has the Go-on'yomi reading for "acquiesce, consent" (承, ), a character that can either mean "greatness" or "thickness" (太, ta), and the common masculine name suffix "son" (郎, ).


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