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A famous and idealistic Rockerboy singer and guitarist with a silver-chrome cyberlimb arm. He opposes Arasaka for a grocery list of personal grudges, from the loss of his arm to the death of many of his close friends and family. He is Alt Cunningham's ex-boyfriend. He was in the band Samurai with fellow famous rocker Kerry Eurodyne, and is most famous for the songs Chippin' In and Never Fade Away.

After Samurai split up in 2008, the DMS music label attempted to sign Johnny Silverhand by any means they could, including threats, violence, and ultimately blackmail. They discovered johnny was a deserter who left the USMC while serving in the wars in Central and South America specifically the Second Nicaraguan Conflict. Instead of giving into the blackmail, Johnny signed with Universal Music and went public with the information.

His first solo album, SINS of Your brothers, was released in 2009. The songs on it explained his own actions, the reality of the wars, the government likes, and the experimental cybernetics program many soldier and marines were forced to go thought. The popularity of the album and the message it conveyed led to increased awareness and support for veterans of the Central and South American wars.[1]

Cyberpunk 2077 Edit

Johnny was mentioned in the gameplay preview video on the radio. In it, the announcer says that he "took his last ride" in 2076. He was also an option to pick as your character's childhood hero..

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"I used to think I could get by with a razor smile and a fist fulla chips. But if you're gonna rock and roll, you have to know how to squeeze every last drop of pain out of your instrument. And that takes skill choomba. Not chips..."

-Johnny Silverhand, Cyberpunk 2020 Core Rulebook

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