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John "Brain" McCullen comes from a four-generation line of Brooklyn mechanics. His family lived in a crummy apartment above his father's garage; the smells of oil, gasoline and sweat became second nature. From early childhood, Brain was a natural at taking things apart, analyzing the pieces, and putting them back together successfully (although several television sets became casualties). Through high school, Brain worked the shop, slowly earning the money he would need to attend local college. Things were tough in the post-'96 chaos: They were robbed dozens of times, cars would get stripped or stolen off the lot, road boosters would loot the garage for spare parts. Twice, John had to ward off thieves with his father's 9mm.

John's dreams of college ended shortly after his sixteenth birthday. Coming home late one night, Brain's parents were killed by head-on with a DUl. Devastated, he abandoned the shop and did the only thing he could think of-. He enlisted for a two-year tour in Central America, figuring he could see the world, live a life of danger, and earn some money for college.

In basic, Brain learned to assemble and repair more complex things, including electronics, cybernetics, and heavy vehicles. After training, John was assigned to Firebase Antietam, a little slice of hell in the middle of Peru. In 2006, Sgt McCullen was standing under an APC, doing maintenance, when the Peruvs attacked. He never saw the rocket destroy the hydraulic lift, sparking a fireball which horribly burned him. The vehicle came crashing down, crushing Brain's right side. field medics fitted him on the spot with cybernetics.

Brain returned to the U.S. shortly after that and floated around the East Coast After hooking up with a fixer named Cricket, he became involved in black ops, a variety of gang wars, and high-tech robberies. His resume includes work in Asia, LEO, Europe, Antarctica, and various spots around the U.S. He later helped found the private security firm Affirmative Action.[1]

Operating Style[]

Brain is friendly enough, but he comes off as somewhat bland at times. He likes a good party when there's nothing else to do, but the PCs are more likely to encounter him fixing something. Brain can be reached several ways, but the best way to pique his interest is to offer him some bit of technology he hasn't seen before and let him have a field day. Brain's primary specialties, in addition to repair, are demolitions and security breach. He's always willing to perform a consultation or go in on a job.

In addition to exploring new technologies, Brain's primary interest is living long enough to retire. yes, that's right, John McCullen is not one of those Edgerunners who thinks it's so cool to die young; rather, Brain figures that if he made it this far, he deserves a taste of the good life.[1]


INT: 8, LUCK: 6, BOD: 6, TECH: 9, ATT: 4, Rep: 5, REF: 7, EMP: 6, COOL: 7, MA: 7[1]


Jury Rig +5, Awareness +6, Streetwise +5, Athletics +4, Basic Tech +8, Demolitions +5, Rotorwing Tech +4, Tracked Vehicle Tech +3, AV Tech +4, CyberTech +6, Rifle +3, Melee +4, Pistol +4, Stealth +2, Electronic Security +5, General Knowledge +2, Weaponsmith +3[1]


Basic Processor w/lnterface plugs (Machine/Tech link), Cyberoptic (W/TA, Tl, ME, AD options), Cyberarm (w/ARM, THK options), Cyber-leg (WARM, HOL options), Biomonitor, Photo-RAM chip, Ambidex chip.[1]


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