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Dr. John Freeman is the co-owner of the Forlorn Hope.


John 'Professor' Freeman, Captain of LRT-601, built a bar as a rallying point for his former teammates, and a haven for other SouthAm vets. He calls it The Forlorn Hope a place where soldiers and solos can fraternize with others that 'speak the language' and know the nerves that come with living hard and fast.

He was previously a captain in the Rangers in the Central American War, and led a long-range Reconnaissance team for four years. LRT-601, his team, gathered intelligence and ran special ops deep in plantation territory.

In 2009, a serious wound forced him out of the army. He returned to grad-school and finished his Ph.D in military history, but quickly became uncomfortable in the grind of everyday life. Eventually he returned to the people he felt the most comfortable with: soldiers and ex-soldiers.

In 2011, with the help of several others with whom he had served, he bought and restored the Hotel Sierra, and opened the Forlorn Hope in the Lobby. It's been thriving ever since.

'The Professor' met his wife, Marianne Russell Freeman, during the construction of the bar.[1]

Sometime during the Time of the Red, John and Marianne moved The Forlorn Hope to Little China.[2]

During this time, they became friendly with Rogue Amendiares and would allow her to sometimes meet up-and-coming edgerunners who were not qualified to enter the Afterlife at the Hope.[3]


INT 10, REF 7/8, TECH 5, COOL 8, ATTR 8, LUCK 3, MA 6, BODY 8, EMP 9/7, SAVE 8, BTM -3.[1]


Streetdeal 8, Awareness/Notice 7, Handgun 5, Judo 5, Melee 5, Intimidate 5, Leadership 6, Personal Grooming 4, Interrogation 4, Streetwise 6, Education and General Knowledge 7, Expert: Military History 8, Expert: Special Operations 6, Expert: Construction 3, Library Search 3, Wilderness Survival 5, Rifle 5, Driving 5, Weaponsmith 3, Heavy Weapons 2.[1]


Basic Processor, Kerenzikov Booster Level 1, Smartgun Link, Interface Plugs, Chipware Socket, Basic Cyberoptic, Targeting Scope, Low-Lite™, Times Square Marquee, Basic Cyberaudio, Radio Link, Amplified Hearing, Level Damper.[1]




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