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Jig-Jig Street is a hub with many shops and alleys. It is located in Japantown, Westbrook in Cyberpunk 2077.


Jig-Jig Street is a hub with several facilities, ranging from fixer Wakako Okada and two ripperdocs. It is also one of the only two places in Night City where one can find joy-toys.

An elevator at the end of the street will get you to the upper Poplar Street, not far from the Megabuilding H8's entrance.

Database Entry

Jig-Jig Street
Jig-Jig Street

Every city needs its red light district, does it not? Night City has Jig-Jig Street, located in a section of Japantown where not only can you buy love by the hour, but also encounter suspect dealers offering exotic, rare and very illegal wares. Jig-Jig Street doesn't have a reputation for being safe - it's not uncommon to enter with your wallet and leave with a black eye and empty pockets. But in spite of its reputation, it's popular with corpos who like to get their game on before venturing deeper into the city's many attractions.[1]


  • Fingers M.D.
  • Sex Shop
  • Wakako's Pachinko Parlor
  • Zuru-Zuru


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