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Jesse Johnson, better known as "Flaming Crotch Man", is an individual with a burning issue, possible to encounter within the streets of Little China.


Due to the nature of the issue, Jesse will be primarily encountered hiding behind a planter, but once seeing V, he will be quick to run out and beg for assistance. An implant that has later been recalled due to being defective by the manufacturer, Mr. Stud, XCV/19 series, is troubling his nether region and he is in a hurry to reach a ripperdoc. At this point, it is possible to decide whether to lend him a hand or not, second leading to quest failure on the spot. Should V feel open-hearted as they are open-minded and accepting to provide help, it will be necessary to employ a car. Motorbike will simply not do. Once Jesse is in the passenger seat, the clock starts ticking. There will be more than one obstacle until the destination, so it is important to be as careful as the car is fast in order to bring the ailing man to a medical expert.

If Jesse arrives to the ripperdoc safely, he will promise compensation upon the successful resolution of the problem. He is a man of his word though, so his call will arrive within a few ingame hours. Compensation will be provided in the shape of eurodollars and a piece of information proving he didn't really learn much from this one bad experience.[1]

Associated Quest[]


  • Jesse's character is a virtual cameo of the gaming YouTube personality Jesse Louis Cox and mirrors him in both looks and voice.


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