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Jean Gardner, aka The Tink, comes from a musical background (her father played acoustic guitar in New Orleans in the 90s), and she gravitated to the technical side of the business. In the last five years she has freelanced for Eurodyne, Love KamiKaze, Blackheart, and lots of other big names. She's a tall, black-haired woman with bright blue/green eyes, always with a bandanna round her head and a tool belt round her waist, smiling and cheerful. She wins hearts and breaks them everyday, never quite realizing what is going on. Tech she can handle, with people she's not so clued. Characters with some drug experience may notice that she shows some signs of Blue Glass addiction. She is ill at ease around Entropy, Jimenez, and Clements, as they represent authority to her, and she's never known how to deal with that concept.[1]


Jury Rig 8, Personal Grooming 4, Streetwise 3, Seduction 6, Persuasion 7, Awareness 6, Education 2, Basic Tech 9, Cybertech 3, Electronics 8, French 5, Keyboards 4, Guitar 4.[1]


Plugs, machine link, chipware socket, cyberaudio (phone splice, sound editing, enhanced hearing, level damper, wearman).[1]


All the memory chips she ever needs, two techscanners, tech and electronic kits, digital recorder, digital chip player, pocket computer, Dai Lung Cybermag 15.[1]


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