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Coming from a non-corporate-sponsored Canadian arcology started young Jean-Claude Monroe's life at a disadvantage. Undereducated and always bored, Jean could see nothing in his immediate future. After he and his brothers and sisters where thrown out of the family apartment when their mother died, they split up and Jean-Claude joined the USMC. There he teamed something very well—combat.

After two tours of duty (at least one in Central America), he left the Marines and joined a small firm specializing in Corporate security. His air of professionalism quickly got him the high-risk bodyguard jobs, and his success at these contracts meant that he has several Corporates owing him their lives. Jean-Claude is quite happy to hold onto that debt Deciding to retire after five years in the business, he is looking for an occasional high-risk job to keep him sharp and interested in life.[1]

Operating Style[]

"Nutter" (as he became known) found that when bodyguarding, the ability to intimidate people can work better (and with less fuss) than killing them. Remembering the countless hours of animated sword-and-sorcery TV he watched in the arcology, he realized that a large, fire-breathing dragon usually intimidates everyone except the most determined people. He poured almost all of his cash reserves into a "Dragon" body enhancement (with all the combat bonuses and therapy he could afford) and has never regretted the decision. His built-in body weaponry (the claws, combat tail and flamer) has saved himself and his charge on numerous occasions when the opposition thought he was unarmed.

Something of a cold fish, Jean-Claude doesn't socialize much and has no real friends, only ex-colleagues. He keeps to himself and wishes others would do the same—but manages to tolerate those who do not Always looking for a way to keep him-self "interested in living", he seeks out unusual assignments.[1]


INT: 6, LUCK: 10, BOD: 10, TECH: 5, ATT: 5, Rep: 3, REF: 7/8, EMP: 8/4, COOL: 7, MA: 7[1]


Combat Sense +6, Awareness +6, Resist Torture/Drugs +1, Streetwise +6, Personal Grooming +1, Wardrobe and Style +3, Persuasion +2, Intimidate +5, Corporate Policy +3, Native Language (French), Language (English) +6, Endurance +2, Athletics +6, Heavy Weapon + 1 , Handgun +4, Rifle +4, Melee +4, Drive +4, Operate Hvy. Machinery +2, Pilot Vec Thrust Vehicle +2, Weaponsmith + 1[1]


Basic Processor w/2x Interface plugs (Smartgun link, Vehicle link), Kerenzikov Boost (2 levels), Boostmaster, 2x Cyberoptics (w/AD, IL, TS options in each, and TE/TA in separate optic), Cyberaudio (WILD, AH, SE options), Subdermal Armor (SP18 torso), Chipware socket with a wide mix of outdoors skill chips "Dragonform" bio-enhancement w/skinchange (heavy scales, SP12), natural claws, combat tail, and NovelTech Spitfire flamer implant (same as Kendachi Dragon).[1]


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