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"Unobtrusive" sums Jared up in a word. Brown hair, brown eyes, average build; the kind of guy who disappears in a crowd. In conversation, he seems bright and likable, but nothing special, the kind of "Honest Joe" everyone gets along with, but no one really notices. His clothing varies with the situation; its always appropriate, but not anything that stands out Forgettable, that's Jared. No one to pay any attention to—and that's exactly what he wanted you to think.

Jared grew up in a below-average section of San Francisco. His father lost his job when Jared was thirteen, leaving them to rely on his mother's salary. At fifteen, Jared left school to get a grocery job. He was smaller than the other boys, but always delivered the goods, due to his neurotic habit of taking back and alleys, and his psychotic fighting style when he was stopped. One of his frequent customers asked Jared one day if he wanted to earn real money.

Jared started delivering packages for his new employees—the Santorini Mafia family, one of the most powerful in San Francisco. Everything went fine for several years—his family had food, he had money for schooling, he got the chance to travel, and since he never knew what was in the packages he moved, he didn't feel any guilt; after all, he just moved boxes.

Until 2014. Unknown to Jared, the Santorinis were having trouble with the Triads. Things quickly broke down for the Santorinis, who had no time to summon reinforcements. The Triads struck at everyone even vaguely Santorini-connected, including bombing Jared's home while he was away.

Jared returned to find half his family in the morgue, his mother in a coma in the ICU, his home destroyed, and his employer's organization in shambles. His life was ruined by a single act, a single piece of information he hadn't known.

Jared had sizable funds, but the move to Night City, complete with almost impenetrable new IDs for his mother (still comatose; in a bed at City Medical) used all of it, leaving little for the mounting medical bills. Jared returned to the only thing he knew: odd jobs and freelance delivery. As his rep grew, so did his volume; now he's known as the Mailman, highly respected for his skill at delivering anything without attention.[1]

Operating Style[]

Jared keeps a large number of IDs available, and uses a different one for each job. He has an almost pathological need to know anything that might affect his world, and spends much of his spare time reading or watching current events shows. While his personal ethics prevent him from asking questions of employers, he will often have them followed, tap their phone lines, do research on the side, and pilfer the datafiles they store in his Wetdrive.[1]


INT: 7, LUCK: 9, BOD: 6, TECH: 8, ATT: 6, Rep: 5, REF: 7, EMP: 9/6, COOL: 9, MA: 6[1]


Sneak +7, Awareness +6, Hide/Evade +5, Persuasion +3, Stealth +5, Disguise +7, Handgun +3, Brawling +7, Melee +5, Education +4, Personal Grooming +3, Wardrobe/Style +3, Motorcycle +4, Social +4, Expert (Medical Equipment) +4, Forgery +4, Human Perception +4, Streetwise +6[1]


Basic Processor w/lnterface plugs (Smartgun link, Vehicle link, DataTerm link), 2x Chipware sockets, Subdermal Pocket, Wetdrive, ZetaTech BodyComp, 2x Cyberoptics (w/TS Plus, TA DC, LL AD options), Cyberaudio (w/PS scrambled, LD options)[1]


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