A gun for hire, Jackie is a highly skilled assassin. In the Wild West setting, he'd surely be a gunslinger or a bounty hunter. 2077 has him as a cyberpunk, just outside the big league. And he really wants to get into the game.
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Jaquito Welles, more commonly known as Jackie, was a character in the video game Cyberpunk 2077. He was one of V's early points of contact as well as the player's partner during several missions. He spoke Spanish and had no love for Scavengers.

He valued friendship, loyalty, and family above all else. Eventually he would plan to provide for his own family and live in luxury, but he got impatient because this was still just an elusive dream.[1]


Jackie Welles was born in 2047. When he was a child, his father would get drunk and beat him and his mother mercilessly with his belt, but when Jackie became strong enough, he returned the favor and hospitalized him. His father left and was never seen again. Jackie kept his father's belt and planned to use it if he ever returned. He grew up in the same streets with Misty and the two saw each other a lot, though they never got together. Jackie joined the Valentinos for a time until a near-fatal incident convinced him to leave the gang for the sake of his mother when he was 19, but he stayed on good terms with the Valentinos and Padre. In 2076, Jackie began dating Misty. Jackie's mother disapproved of Misty and preferred his ex-girlfriend, Camila, but Jackie continued to see Misty and even attempted to understand her spiritualism by making a mandala.

Depending on the Lifepath chosen for V by the player, Jackie will have a different introduction, with each having a different intro questline that leads into the main plot:

  • Streetkid: Jackie meets V while attempting to steal a luxury car.
  • Corporate: Jackie is a long time friend and confidant of V.
  • Nomad: Jackie meets V while they are on a smuggling mission from the Badlands to Night City.

Six months later, Jackie and V are recruited by Dexter DeShawn to steal the Relic from Yorinobu Arasaka for Evelyn Parker. During The Heist at Konpeki Plaza, Jackie is fatally wounded. While he and V manage to escape the hotel, Jackie succumbs to his wounds in the Delamain Taxi before it arrives at the No-Tell Motel for the meetup with Dexter. V decides where Delamain transports his remains.

Later, Jackie's family and friends conduct a traditional ofrenda to mourn his loss. Guests include Viktor Vector, Padre, several Valentinos, and Misty if V insists that she attend in spite of Jackie's mother's opinion. V can choose to speak at the ofrenda. When the ceremony concludes, Jackie's mother presents V with the key to Jackie's beloved ARCH motorcycle as a parting gift. After The Heist you can find Jackie interred in the Columbarium in the south part of North Oak. The message on his tomb reads "Good night, sweet prince."


It is revealed later that the body never made it to Jackie's mother and was instead intercepted by Arasaka during transport. Takemura reveals later to V that Arasaka used soulkiller to find out more about the heist.

Throughout the game, you can meet a few engrams to learn more about the Relic's true nature. However the segments with Jackie's engram is the only one where V will rebel and admit that it's nothing but data pretending to be human.

If the player accept's Johnny's mission at the end of Point of no Return, V will free Jackie's engram and let it fuse with the image of Alt Cunningham to become an even more powerful AI.


Jackie plays a major role in the Cyberpunk 2077 48-minute gameplay reveal, serving as V's partner on the mission Breaking Through, wherein V is tasked with rescuing Sandra Dorsett from the Scavengers before they harvest her body.

His car is one of the vehicles players can drive within Night City.

In the 2019 E3 cinematic trailer Jackie accompanies V on a mission from Dex to steal a special cybernetic augmentation chip. Although the chip is successfully retrieved, V essentially botches the mission by drawing too much attention to the theft and Jackie is presumably killed in the ensuing firefight, leaving V heartbroken and wracked with guilt.

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