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Japantown is a subdistrict in Cyberpunk 2077, located in Westbrook.


Primarily inhabited by people of Japanese descent, Japantown during daytime is usually crowded with tourists for whom the many bars, fancy restaurants, gaming parlors, the Cherry Blossom Market, and Shinto temple are mandatory destinations in Night City. Here one can also find the many love hotels, kyabakuras and hostess clubs whose lights glow in thick abundance along Japantown's streets. Clean and safe by day, this district is a perfect spot for sightseeing, and it's just one bridge away from the famous Corpo Plaza, any one of whose many hotels are perfect places to stay.

However Japantown also has another side to it. After dark, Japantown becomes the party district for the rich, corpos and tourists alike. The corpos are looking to blow off some steam after another day of the exhausting rat race. The tourists are interested in more sublime entertainment and a wild night in Night City. Both groups visit the same fancy brothels, lose their money in casinos, and get drunk to the point of blackout. Both groups also have to be careful to not cross the Tyger Claws, the gangers that rule the district during night hours.[1]

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Given its popularity with tourists, it's no wonder Japantown feels like it's constantly buzzing with life. Crowds occupy the local bars, upscale restaurants, arcades, the famous Cherry Blossom Market and especially the Shinto Shrine that's a must-see if you're in the area. Ever corner holds a luxurious backdrop for a perfect photo op - Japantown doesn't disappoint. So what's the catch, you might ask? Japantown can be expensive, especially its nighttime attractions. Corpos with fat credchips come here to play hard after a hard day's work with cash-liquid tourists right beside them. Local braindance clubs, casinos and bars are never short on customers. Just watch out for the Tyger Claws - they rule Japantown.[2]


CP2077 Westbrook Japantown Map

Map of Japantown.

Non-interactable businesses[]

  • Below Deck
  • The Ho-Oh
  • Katsurogi Cafe
  • Kendachi store

Fast travel points[]

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Capitola St
  • Cherry Blossom Market
  • Crescent & Broad
  • Dark Matter
  • Fourth Wall Studios
  • Japantown West
  • Megabuilding H8
  • Metro: Japantown South
  • Metro: Monroe St
  • Redwood Market
  • Sagan & Diamond
  • Silk Road West
  • Skyline & Salinas

Notable People[]

Associated Quests[]

Behind the scenes[]

Japantown is Night City's answer to what would happen if Las Vegas had a lovechild with Kabukicho. This is the city's entertainment district. It's where the party's at. Massive billboards cover its buildings and holoads spill into the street to urge you to join the fun. The city's urban delirium is cranked to eleven, made purposefully disorienting so you lose track of time and, more importantly, how much you've spent. Japantown's efforts to offer something for everyone are aided by its location and its height. Tucked between City Center, where the corporate titans work, and North Oak, where they keep their luxurious villas, it has erected skyscraper casinos as a net, hoping to catch a bit of the unimaginable wealth in the AVs commuting over it. At the same time, the towers act like giant billboards, their bright lights clearly visible from Watson and Charter Hill. Whereas Corporate Plaza's verticality looms and intimidates, here it entices and attracts, encouraging have-nots and almost-haves alike to come pretend, for a night, that they have.



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