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Disambig This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2020. For other uses, see Japantown (disambiguation).

Japantown (also known as Eastpark and Japantown, and Section C3) is a colorful, high rent district of Night City. During the early 2020s it was the home of the Night City yakuza syndicate that would export drugs from NC to Osaka and Tokyo.


Japantown, is a compact historic enclave in the Western Addition with large skyscrapers. Large indoor/outdoor complexes house an assortment of sushi, ramen and shabu-shabu restaurants, plus specialty grocery stores, kitschy gift shops, karaoke bars and Asian-style day spas. A courtyard plaza with a striking, 5-tiered Peace Pagoda regularly hosts community events such as the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. It's also an ethnically Japanese American district in downtown Night City and the heart of the largest Japanese-American population in Northern California.[1]

This area of Night City never slept, from the gangs of the park to corpos visiting the Bodukkan to see the newest from Nakagowa Kabuki troupe. Japantown is the late night party district and where much of the tourism in Night City comes to. This district has everything a corpo or ganger would ever want. DUe to the corporate security, the streets of Japantown are generally safe.

Just next to Japantown is Eastpark, a small area in between the Lake Park district and Japantown proper. Eastpark however is done in the style of a traditional Japanese park with shrines and cherry blossoms.

Within Japantown was the local gang known as the Tygers Claws, which was originally a smaller combat gang composed mostly of a Japanese community. The Tygers Claw also offered protection within the community. The Arasaka Corporation even supplied the group. During the 2020s the larger crime syndicate were the Yakuza families of Japantown, they crime organization settled in Night City and made their home base for the rest of Northern California. The Kanzaki family was the largest yakuza family within the city.


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