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Disambig This article is about Jackie's ARCH. For other variants, see ARCH Nazaré (disambiguation).

Jackie's ARCH (or Jackie's Tuned ARCH) is a modified version of the standard Nazaré, a motorcycle manufactured by ARCH in Cyberpunk 2077.


Jackie's ARCH is a customized Nazaré that Jackie Welles bought with the money he earned from the Sandra Dorsett gig, plus a "muy pequeñito" loan. He kept it in his garage near El Coyote Cojo bar, and sometimes tinkered with it.[1]

There are two cosmetic variants of Jackie's ARCH, but only one can be obtained per playthrough. If V has the Corpo or Streetkid lifepaths, they can only obtain the standard version of Jackie's ARCH, but a Nomad V can potentially obtain a variant called "Jackie's Tuned ARCH" — when V meets with Jackie outside the All Foods Plant during The Pickup, there is a Nomad-specific dialogue option available in which V can talk to Jackie about his motorcycle. If V also has a minimum of 7 points in the Technical Ability attribute, they can then suggest that Jackie should make some changes to the exhaust, which Jackie ends up doing.[2] Jackie's Tuned ARCH has an improved horsepower of 185 as well as four total tailpipes instead of two, adding an overall extra weight.


Jackie's ARCH can be obtained by two different ways depending on the choice made during The Heist.

If Jackie's body was sent to his family or left in the car:

It can be rewarded at the end of Heroes. After the "ofrenda," Mama Welles will give the keys of the motorcycle to V.

If Jackie's body was sent to Viktor Vektor:

It can be rewarded at the end of an alternative Heroes quest. Mama Welles will message V that she has found something that belonged to Jackie, and it is waiting in V's apartment. There V will find a small box near the entrance of the apartment containing the keys to the bike.

Additionally, if starting a new game via the Phantom Liberty option, you will already have Jackie's Tuned ARCH regardless of the chosen lifepath.


  • During Act 1, the bike's name is displayed as ARCH Nazaré.