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Jack Mausser is a character featured in Cyberpunk 2077.


Jack Mausser is a solo who enjoyed his work too much he became an adrenaline junkie. Jack preferred to make his clients scream rather than be discrete. This behavior came to a head when Dino Dinovic hired him to rob a corporate transport. Jack accomplished this but brutally killed the passengers in the process. The corp wants Jack dead and hires Dino to get this done. Jack became aware of this and bought 7th Hell, a run-down club in City Center, and hired the Animals for protection. He is aware this will not stop his assassination but will make it much harder.

Dino hires V to kill Jack and a bonus for doing it quietly. V can kill or knock him out and stuff him in a trunk. If V quietly approaches Jack they can convince Jack to leave Night City, V will still receive their bonus and Dino will be satisfied.[1]

Database Entry[]

Jack Mausser

Jack's a merc, or rather - was. He enjoyed his work just a little too much and became an adrenaline junkie. Where clients want discretion, Jack wants to hear screams. So one day, instead of taking out his target quietly, he put on a show for the entire city. Fair enough - it was only a matter of time before Jack pissed someone off and landed in their crosshairs. So what did he do? He quickly bought a run-down club in City Center, fenced it in with guards and shacked up in the VIP area. He knows it's not enough to save his skin, but at least it'll make his assassin's life just a teensy bit harder.[2]

Associated Quests[]


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