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Jacinda Hidalgo is character in Cyberpunk RED.


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When Jacinda was 10-years old she lost both her legs to a landmine in Costa Rica. While she was getting a set of prosthetic cyberlegs at the Rocklin clinic in Dallas that her mother, Leticia, met Andrew Rocklin. They married two years later, with Jacinda adopted as Andrew's legal heir. She became known as something of a wunderkind around the Rocklin offices and soon attended the Texas Institute of Technology, graduating with honors in 2022.

Unfortunately, Andrew Rocklin disappeared in 2023, the rumor being that he died during the War (or flew off to Mars; post-DataKrash records vary). At 26 years old, Jacinda took control of the Rocklin Augmentics, and quickly applied her energy and vision to remake Rocklin into a company that could compete in the brutal post-Corporate War market. She held true to her father's tenets of strength and durability, while bringing her own unique sense of artistry to the tech.

Now she still has the face of a young woman, but much of the rest of her body has been made into a display case for Rocklin products. The exact extent of her augmentation is unknown, although she was recently seen sporting a Hamilton Welch cyberarm in addition to her matching cyberlegs, and extensive endostructural enhancements seem likely. She changes cyberlimbs like evening dresses, often displaying her company's creations with acrobatics that would be the envy of trained martial artists. Co-workers describe her as intensively creative and driven, with a no-nonsense, direct management style and take-no-prisoners competitive attitude. Her enemies have given her the nickname "The War Orphan" to which Hidalgo responded; "They don't know what war is. But they will."[1]


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