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Iwasao Koremichi was born in the mountain city of Nagano, into a corporate family. He joined the Arasaka Corporation when he was 29, and worked his way up until he was appointed the representative of the Osaka office branch. Iwasao is the speaker for the company often times representing the corporation in big events, while also tending to meetings with other board members or other agencies coming to Arasaka for their services.


INT 7, REF 6, TECH 5, COOL 8, ATTR 8, LUCK 6, MA 5, BODY 7, EMP 7/4, SAVE 7, BTM -2.[1]


Resources 7, Interrogation 4, Persuasion & Fast Talk 6, Awareness/Notice 3, English 5, Pistol 5, Karate 6.[1]


Basic processor, interface plugs, chipware socket, subdermal armor, basic eye module, Times Square Marquee, targeting scope, Micro Video optic.[1]


An Arasaka WSA pistol. This is kept in his night stand with two spare magazines. He will get it if any alarms sound or once combat becomes obvious.[1]

Sho Hirano[]

Iwasao Koremichi is always accompanied by his personal guard Sho Koremichi, a Solo originally from Kyoto. Sho is as tough as they get and cybered to the max, nobody dare cross him. His relationship with Iwasao is one of great friendship, they known each other since he was assigned as his personal guard. Sho can even be seen at Iwasao's home on guard.


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