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The Iron Sights are one of the many gangs in Night City.


Iron Sights were financed and controlled by Arasaka Security.

The first words out of the leader, who calls herself Brandywine, indicated to me that the gang obviously does not relish the idea of being a pawn for Arasaka, but resigns themselves to this stature because of the money we input into the gang. She then asked my purpose for calling such a meeting. Upon my telling her that Arasaka wished me to accompany the gang for a week to get the full scope of their activities. I was grabbed from behind and someone else threatened my life with several sharp blades protruding from their hands. These weapons, which are illegal, go by the street name of "Rippers," and, judging by their looks, I would estimate that they will do just that to human flesh and bone.

The gang's initial hostility stopped cold when I firmly fold them that killing me, or even refusing to let me accompany them , would result in immediate stoppage of funds provided by Arasaka. It is my impression that the members of this gang hate their own humanity as well as other people's. This is further reinforced by my observation that the gang members that are held in the highest esteem are the ones that have the most metal meshed with their bodies. In my judgement, the members of this gang can easily be controlled by our organization by simply controlling their money supply to buy new cybernetics.

The week I spent with the gang proves to me another theory that I had postulated: The gang not only hates humanity [which, in itself could be reasoning for its existence], but also likes to hurt, mutilate and kill others for what would seem to be the pure pleasure of it. These two factors lead me to the conclusion that the members of "Iron Sights" are all suffering from cyberpsychosis, and terminating our ties with them in the near future may be the best solution for all parties.[1]

However they fell on hard times after the war. But word on the Street is that they have a new benefactor and are once more flexing their rippers.[2]


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