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Five sons of powerful Japanese businessmen from the Brotherhood Of The Iron Lotus. As "heirs to the throne," they have witnessed first hand the merciless activities of the megacorporations as the giants unscrupulously disregard ethics and law to dominate global markets. Led by founder Kenji Hashiro, the Iron Lotus' mission is to fight the Corporate zaibatsu and carry out their destruction no matter what the cost.

Cyberpunk V3.0 Gangbook

The Iron Lotus is a gang originating from Tokyo, Japan. The gang moved it's way through Japan, and made it's way to Night City after the Fourth Corporate War.


The Iron Lotus was founded by the rebellious sons of various corporate giants in Tokyo. Two of the most notable founders were Kenji Hashiro and Yorinobu Arasaka, the rebellious son to Saburo Arasaka. Not long after the founding of the gang, Yorinobu left to start his own bosozoku gang that would oppose Arasaka. Kenji remained as the leader of the gang and soon found the Iron Lotus moving it's operations beyond the Japanese borders.


Japan is a corporate paradise, with many wealthy zaibatsus taking advantage of their power. Yorinobu and Kenji Hashiro, as well as few others, were the children of corporate giants growing up in Tokyo, the kids would attend private schools and would practice martial arts together. A man by the name of Kenjiro Hanaka formerly operated dojo called the Iron Lotus, however the Arasaka Corporation threaten to take away his Dojo and his family if he did not comply to teach the kids of the corporate families exclusively. Kenji reluctantly found himself training the sons of high level corporate leader; including Saburo Arasaka's youngest son Yorinobu.

Kenjiro did as he was told and took the job, but he also challenged his students to prehaps see the evils of the corporate world, and that maybe they were being brainwashed. He inspired them to read philosophy, doubt official truth, and to question the views of a mainstream-media, in his own words the media was "poisoned by the lies of the powerful." Unfortunately Kenjiro wasn't subtle in his attempts to embark wisdom onto his students: on one unexpected morning, Sensei Kenji didn't arrive as scheduled which made his students question if he was so bold to go against his orders. The boys later found Kenji in his apartment shot dead, eight times. The local media said it was a gang affiliated attack, but his students knew better than to think a gang would enter a corporate run area.

When the time was right, the five sons abandoned their corporate lifestyles and went into hiding. They trained and prepared themselves for what was to come. The boys came up with a strategy that would strike directly against the zaibatsu leaders.

After numerous flawlessly executed attacks, Iron Lotus earned a reputation as a mysterious, rebellious group. However rumors began to spread regarding the true identities of it's members. To allay suspicion for a time, founding member Yorinobu Arasaka broke away and started his own bosozoku gang, the Kotetsu no Ryu, but still remained in touch with his comrades. The Iron Lotus remained it's presence in Tokyo, with many joining the cause. Despite some minor success raids, the gang could still not manage to destroy the zaibatsus.

The 4th Corp War was a turning point, with the Iron Lotus finally managing to defeat it's opponents. For the first time the enemy had fallen; it could be beaten. The Brotherhood of the Iron Lotus made it's way to Night City to continue its on going cause. Their ultimate goal was to stop the NeoCorps from retrieving their power.


  • Leaders (Inner Circle) 10
  • Soldiers (Warriors ) 150


  • Shadow Dojo (main meeting place ) 1
  • Safehouses (around the City area) 5
  • lotus Dojos (for training locals) 10
  • Warehouses (for stashing weapons, gear) 5


  • Roadcars (expensive, luxury--these are the sons of MegaCorp leaders, right?) 20
  • AV6 (expensive, luxury, very fast) 10


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