The Iran-Iraq War was a military conflict fought between the Middle Eastern countries of Iraq and Iran circa 1997.[1]


The United States NSA operated over 300 agents in the Mideast when the war broke out, and recalled all of them without notifying the MIC; in addition to withholding all satellite photos for two hours. As a result, old Russian missile carriers operated by one of the powers had already moved into position and wiped out U.S. military assets in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The NSA later claimed that it was important to withhold such information in order to evacuate their agents safely and that the military would have set off the war before any agents got out.[1]


The intelligence failure suffered by the United States resulted in the then de-facto President Johnathan Seward's investigation into the Gang of Four.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the real world, the Iran-Iraq War was fought from 1980 to 1988.


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