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The Inquisitors are one of the many gangs in Night City.


As much a cult as a gang, the Inquisitors hate all forms of cyberware, considering it to be evil and blasphemous. They rely only on training and bioware enhancements. They are at war with every other gang in the city. Pretty much everyone hates them from the Slaughterhouse to the Givers of Pain and most will kill them on sight.

It is unknown where their home turf is (and they may have no actual turf). The inquisitors are responsible for the death of the younger brother of Hack Man, the leader of the Blood Razors. The Blood Razors have a standing reward of 25,000eb for anyone that can capture the Inquisitor leader and bring him to them.[1]

Cyberpunk Red

The gang is still active by 2045, when their "soul saving" practice of tearing cyberware out of people's bodies continues to earn them the hatred of everyone.[2][3]


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