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Indonesia is a country located within South East Asia and Oceania. It has been in a constant state of conflict with the resource-rich Federal Republic of Australia for decades, heavily backed by Arasaka and the secessionist Republic of West Australia.


Indonesia is the "big gun" of ASEAN. This long island chain has the largest land and sea force available within the South East Asian and Oceania regions, and the willingness to use them, as anyone in "East Irian Jaya" will testify. During the Second Corporate War, the Indonesian government took advantage of the turbulence to take control of Papua New Guinea. The public explanation for this action was to stop cross-border incursions from Irian Jaya rebels taking sanctuary within Papua New Guinea's jungles. This, however, was nonsense, as the Indonesian government saw a fortune to be made from PNG's resources. True enough, the forests containing teak wood sold well and the Japanese purchased land holdings, leasing rain forest areas to pharmaceutical companies. Most eastern cities in PNG were sold to SovOil for refineries and repair docks.

The Indonesian navy is split into two main divisions; Arasaka-backed forces remain on standby against the Federal Republic of Australia's navy off the northern coast of Australia, ready to destroy attempts at aid for PNG, for which the Federal Australian Republic claims jurisdiction, and to assist tbe dissident nation of the Republic of West Australia. Another half guards the Strait of Mallaca, the main shipping route between Japan/China and the Indian Ocean.

The four main ethnic groups in Indonesia are: Indonesian, Malays, Chinese, and Arabs. The Indonesian Malays are guaranteed the best jobs and housing. Due to threatened past invasions from Chinese communist and economic dominance from overseas, Indonesians have passed laws regarding keeping Chinese influence under control. Since the 90's, Chinese education opportunities and governmental employment have been severely restricted. Also, materials written in Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese are banned. The majority of Chinese within Indonesian territory cannot read or speak Mandarin. There is an underground network of Chinese texts and learning programs which the government is desperately trying to stop. Needless to say, the Indonesians encourage Chinese to go to Singapore, and many take them up on the offer. However, the Triads still do business in, and control many of the smaller nations not considered worth occupying by corporate interests.

The Arabs (or Middle-Easterners to be precise) are refugees from the Meltdown who were too poor to go to Brunei, but not so poor as to be moved to Mindanao and are mostly of Iranian and Turkish descent. Expecting Islam as it was in their homelands, they were stunned to find the Iaissez-fairez approach to Islam, with native influences that exist in Indonesia and Malaysia. Many have joined the radical, anti-Chinese Sarekat Islam (Islam Association), and are working towards the enactment of Islamic law, although the military moved to stop this quickly. Sarekat Islam is based mainly in Irian Jaya.



Despite continued political strife, the economy of Indonesia remains fairly strong. Foreign corporations have invested copious amounts of money into infrastructure, ports, and airstrips, especially in the more rural areas. This is, of course, merely to facilitate the stripping of the forests, mining of the mountains and delivery of crops, but nevertheless has assisted Indonesia's economy. Unfortunately, as with many nations in the Cyberpunk universe, Indonesia is rife with corruption, and most profits go into the pockets of local administrators, as opposed to providing for the country's populace.

Indonesia is at the edge of the Slick, so fishing and aquaculture still continue here, and quite a few of the islands (Bali, Lombok, Sumba) have resorts for Corpos on holiday. Half of Irian Jaya and East Irian Jaya has been leased outright, along with parts of Kalimatan, to Biotechnica and Tiger Medicines, for biodiversity research.

Once famous for its extreme zero tolerance policy on narcotics, the Indonesian black market does quite well with drugs, guns, Chinese learning guides and software, communications equipment, etc. being smuggled in through various island channels difficult to patrol consistently. The pirates that lurk in the various coves and bays raid ships when they can, but mainly accept contracts to carry contraband.



The capital city, on the island of Java, is unpleasant. Overcrowded, dirty, and squalid, it is full of desperate people who have moved in from the rural regions looking for work and finding none. As such, beggars are plentiful, especially from areas bought out by Corpos. Some areas of interest to the Cyberpunk are the Chinatown area of Glodok, and the docks at Sunda Kelapa. Menteng is the Corporate HQ and residential area. Unless you have business, and/or look respectable, you'll be quickly hassled by guards. The best area for picking up info, jobs, and "necessary items" would be in Monas. This is a pretty standard city, unfortunately.

East Irian Jaya (Formerly Papua New Guinea)[]

Once a governed territory of the Federal Republic of Australia, locals and expats were treated rather equally. After independence, the new hard-line, nationalist government began an anti-expat campaign, which, unfortunately, drove out most of those best able to help run the country. Having been heavily dependant on Australia's financial, military and humanitarian assistance beforehand, as a consequence, the government floundered, becoming an easy target for Indonesian incursion. Former PNG is where "cargo cults" were formed, as the tribes were isolated until the late 1800's. The area is still under tribal influence to a degree, and hordes of young men go to the cities, in particular Port Moresby, looking for work but not finding any. They end up living with their wantoks (families), and becoming gang-affiliated or involved in criminal activity to survive.

ElJ's highlands are being stripped in some locations for their plentiful gold and copper, where other areas are under bio-Corp control. In most cases, the tribes are displaced, and when attempting to return to their lands, the military quickly "resolves" the matter. The Corpos in the cities live behind guarded barbed wire fences and work in air-conditioned offices, ignoring as best as possible the declining situation outside their walls.