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The India Sky-Barge is an airship introduced in Chromebook Volume 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

Cargo-hauler par excellence. With the Sky-Barge, you can fly over the countryside, without having to brave the anarchy of the unsupervised country or endure the poor road system running from city to city. Rated at 150 metric tons, the Sky-Barge is the cheap answer to moving goods.[3]
Maneuver Speed: 30 mph
Fuel Efficiency: 0.33 mpg
Fuel Capacity: 3,000 gallons CHOOH2
Special Equipment: Radio, radar. The Sky-Barge can haul up to 150 metric tons at full speed. It can haul up to 250 tons at a top speed of 45 mph.[3]


  1. 45 if carrying maximum cargo weight of 250 tons
  2. 250 tons max but at cost of lower top speed
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