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Idaho is an autonomous Free State within the New United States of America, and part of the association of the Western Corporate States.


1990s - 2020s[]

The state claims to fame was being the involuntary home of several Neo-Nazi white supremacy groups in 1990's. During the Collapse, most of the hate groups had already faded into oblivion, either too hungry to hate or too violent to survive retribution but seized control of Idaho. Minorities and strong-willed anglos banded together as a resistance in short order, fighting against the Neo-Nazis and instituting a new underground railroad. After the Collapse more people began to fight back the New Circle, which ran the state. After the battle, the Idahoans rebuilt their government in the same fashion, and the provisional council stepped down gracefully. The Neo-Nazis that fled into the national forests of central Idaho and founded Berchtesgaden learned a lot from their defeat, and they now train with a rigorous determination unknown in the movement prior to this time.

In 2006 it became a parliamentary state within the USA.[1]


Known settlements[]

  • Boise
  • Berchtesgaden
  • Idaho Falls (ghost town as of 2020)



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