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I Walk the Line is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.



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Placide's sentries can be found near the Grand Imperial Mall. They will direct you to enter the mall via the garage entry.

The Garage[]

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There are about six Animals enemies standing in the garage entryway who are not particularly wary. Head down the right hand side of the ramp, hop over the low wall bordering the ramp, and then keep as close as possible to the building until reaching the open loading door. There are another six Animals inside.

The Atrium[]

Placide will warn you before entering the atrium.

The atrium is a large open space on the lower level, with a gallery surrounding it on the upper level. There are around six Animals in the gallery, and 12-18 more on the lower floor, along with a turret.

Enter the atrium in one corner of the gallery. The van, which is the objective, is parked roughly in the middle of the far side, on the lower floor. Immediately in front of V upon entering are a pair of escalators down to the lower floor.

This takes you to a side room on the lower level. If you exit this side room you will soon reach another side room which can be entered. In this room is a server which is connected by a thick cable to the van, which is parked just outside another entrance to this room.

There are three Animals standing immediately outside this second entrance by the van, who are on high alert.

Move around this room to the corner immediately behind this van. Through a glass window here, one can see the left hand side of the van where you need to jack in, but no way was found of breaking the glass in this window without attracting attention.

The Van[]

When jacking into the computer system in the van, you will discover that the NetWatch netrunner is in the cinema on the upper level. Unfortunately, this will also make him aware of your presence.

The Cinema[]

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You now proceed up to the cinema. If you have fought in the atrium, Placide will open a route to it. Following this route, there is one opponent at the top of the escalator going up, Then go round a corner to the movie theater entrance where Sasquatch is keeping guard.

If an alert had been triggered or you are detected by an Animal in the Grand Imperial Mall before, the Netrunner will have preemptively shut the gates to the movie theater and Sasquatch will be waiting for you. Sasquatch will attempt to rush at them and attack with her signature hammer, her attacks are powerful but slow, and will take several seconds between each swing.

However, if you remained undetected throughout the GIM, the gates to the movie theater remain open and it is possible to sneak past Sasquatch without a fight. Being detected by her causes the gates to automatically close and the fight will proceed normally.

While you are fighting with Sasquatch, the Netrunner is trying to spike your brain and kill you, but with Placide's help, he cannot kill you immediately. You should defeat Sasquatch quickly before the Netrunner manages to kill you. The weakness of Sasquatch is a shining implant on her back, once you destroy the implant, she will get hurt significantly and can no longer recover her health level.

Once Sasquatch is defeated, you can find the NetWatch netrunner Bryce Mosley, in the projection room. He will tell you that the Voodoo Boys are planning to double-cross V. One can choose either to side with him and have the virus removed (and thus prevent the breach of the Blackwall) or knock him out, in which case the virus that Placide uploaded to V earlier will wipe out many Netwatch facilities across the continent, and attempt to kill you as well.

Back to Batty's Hotel[]

After exiting the Mall, Placide's sentries will be waiting outside. They will be shocked to see that you have survived, and nervously offer to take you back to Placide, which can be accepted or declined.

Once in Batty's Hotel, talk to Placide and Brigitte.

Journal Entry[]

I'm sick of this Placide motherfucker as much as you, but at least the fog has lifted, the goal is clear. You find a netrunner in the GIM and the Voodoo goons will set up a meet-n-greet with their queen. Pros? Maybe I'll actually get to see a legit netrunner, 'cause it's sure starting to feel like an extinct species these days. Someone who's got the guts to square off against the Voodoos has given me some hope, at least. But the cons? Damn near any minute your brain could start dripping out your ears. Afraid we won't have time to make pilgrimmages to the monuments of Pacifica's Golden Age.


  • Leave Batty's Hotel.
  • Meet with Placide's people.
  • Enter the mall.
  • Find the van in the lobby.
  • Reach the van.
    • Deal with the enemies near the van (if hostile approach).
  • Connect to the van.
    • Talk to Placide.
  • Find the agent in the cinema.
  • Confront the agent.
    • Jack into the agent (if hostile approach).
  • Talk to the agent (if making a deal with him).
    • Take the shard.
  • Talk to Johnny (if not making a deal with the agent).
  • Leave the Grand Imperial Mall.
    • Talk to Placide.
  • Head to Batty's Hotel.
    • Get into the back seat. [Optional]
    • Talk to the guards (if ride not taken).
  • Meet with Placide in Batty's Hotel.
  • Talk to Placide.
  • Talk to Brigitte.


  • During the dialogue between Brigitte and Placide, they conclude if V is a "ranyon"[1] or not[2], based on the scans Placide did on V.
    • The dialogue depends on whether or not V accepted the deal with the NetWatch agent. If so, Placide will call V a "normal, filthy ranyon"; otherwise, Brigitte will defend V as being "no ranyon".
    • "Ranyon" is Haitian Creole for "rag" or "floor rag", as the agent says, meaning "useful disposable outsider".



  1. Placide: "I know. I scanned him/her. Only a normal, filthy ranyon."/"He/She is ranyon. Nothing special. You see de scans."
  2. Placide: "But you saw--" Brigitte: "Yes. But I also saw his/her scans. He/She is no ranyon."