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I Fought the Law is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


At some point after Life During Wartime, you'll get a call from an Elizabeth Peralez, wife to mayoral candidate, Jefferson Peralez. She doesn't wish to discuss anything over the holo so requests you meet her in person.

Once you reach the meeting point, get in the car where you can then talk more freely with the couple, who note their suspicions that they believe Night City's late mayor, Lucius Rhyne, was murdered rather than dying from heart complications. They'll then ask you to scroll a braindance from an attempted attack on Rhyne shortly before he actually died to see if you can get any clues from it. You'll learn a few key pieces of evidence from it, namely an NCPD detective, River Ward, showed up needing to talk with their security just before the attack and took out the would-be assailant Péter Horváth, that a place called the Red Queen's Race was mentioned, and Weldon Holt, the deputy mayor, is running as the other mayoral candidate now in Rhyne's place.

Ask whatever questions you wish with Jefferson, who'll then give you River's contact information to call the detective. Call River up who'll agree to meet with you to discuss the case at Chubby Buffalo's BBQ. When you arrive, you'll find him talking with his fellow detective and partner Harold Han, who sounds like he's told River more than once to stop digging into Rhyne's case and that even his superior has told River to let it go. River will dismiss this though and Han will leave for you two to chat alone.

Investigating Leads[]

After a short conversation in the diner, follow River to his vehicle and get in to have a more private conversation where he'll reveal someone in the precinct let Péter Horváth loose when he was brought in just before the attack. The conversation eventually turns to how to find the Red Queen's Race and he'll give two leads: check with one of his informants and check with Péter's employer.

It won't matter what order you do them here. At the store, the informant, Neil White, will run as soon as you use the Igor line, but River corners him before he can get very far in the alley. Neil will eventually reveal the location of the club, but also notes when asked they closed it shortly after Rhyne's death. The other lead is Christine Markov, Péter's employer in Japantown. Split off to ask the vendors where she is and eventually you'll learn of her location via one of them or River will learn of it and text you. Regardless, head to the back left area of the market to find her.

Unfortunately, she won't be able to reveal much, only that Péter was always off his rocker and making erratic speeches about the late mayor before showing up one day with all the latest implants, having been sponsored by someone who "finally saw his worth". Follow River back to his vehicle to find some Tyger Claws poking around it, having recognized it as River's. You can choose to intervene or stay quiet here. If you stay quiet, they'll leave peacefully. If you intervene, one them asks how high you can jump. Jumping will get them to leave quietly, otherwise they become hostile. If things stayed quiet, or they were dealt with non-lethally, River will be pleased as it means less paperwork for him, and you will be able to go with him.

Once you've done both leads (or did the informant first) you can then head out to the club's location in Charter Hill.

Investigating the Club[]

As River is NCPD, he can't enter the premises without a warrant, so you'll have to go in alone here. You can try talking to the Animals member at the entrance gate, but she'll basically tell you the place is closed and you're not allowed in, so you'll need to find another way in if you want to do a more stealth approach, like through the nearby building with an open grate entrance.

The club's entrance is hidden in one of the large shipping crates inside the warehouse. Open the crate's doors and head down using the elevator to enter the club where more Animals are roaming. The office and boss you're looking for is in the back, on the second floor and can easily be grabbed from behind in a chokehold to interrogate if you wish to go that route. If so, she'll reveal the Animals were hired to smash up the place and the only reason they're still hanging out is the one who hired them, Weldon Holt, still hasn't paid up. Once she's dealt with, you can check the computer where the messages confirm this. However, also check the files to see Ward's partner, Han, is also behind the coverup. River will then tell you to get out of there so you guys can confront Han but if you haven't already, go check the booth where Rhyne died to find the braindance wreath he had on. Interact with it and you'll pass out and River will break in to get to you. After a short conversation, you'll reveal what you learned from the wreath: someone spiked it and that's what killed Rhyne, not a heart attack. With that, you can choose to look around some more or leave with River, which will fast forward you to Chubby Buffalo's to confront Han.

Wrapping up the Case[]

River will ask who gave Han the orders to cover everything up, but Han won't say who and, with a few small conversations from you, Han will just note this is how Night City works and he's just doing his job in protecting his "family", that is the NCPD. This will allow River to deduce he knows who gave the order and he'll have to file it with Internal Affairs, but Han notes it won't do anything good, other than put River in their sights, before he drives off.

You can then talk to River about what he plans to do and eventually have the option to tell him to do it or not, but regardless what you say River is set on trying to re-open the case with the new information. With that, call Elizabeth and she'll ask you to visit their apartment to discuss it in person. When you get there though and start to head up in the elevator, Johnny will give some advice to not tell them anything, that whatever is going on is much deeper than they realize. However, you can choose to withhold the information or tell the couple what you learned, but regardless they'll be happy and conclude on their own what's going on and will pay you your fee.

Journal Entry[]

Initial entry:
Look, if a job starts like a classic whodunit - some femme fatale calls you up, refuses to give deets and just calls a meet - one of three things is going down: you're dreaming, you're scrollin' a shit BD or someone's hazing you good. Think you can scratch the first two.
Later entry:
First rule of "top secret" jobs - don't take 'em.
First rule of working with politicians - don't do it.
First rule of contacting the police - avoid it.
And what do you do? Break 'em all at once. Gotta say, V, I'm a little impressed.


  • Meet with Elizabeth Peralez.
  • Get in the car.
  • Listen to the offer.
  • Watch the braindance and look for clues.
  • Exit the braindance.
  • Talk to Jefferson.
  • Cal Detective Ward.
  • Meet with Detective Ward.
  • Get in River's car.
  • Go with River to meet with his informant.
  • Talk to River.
  • Enter the store.
  • Ask the informant about the Red Queen's Race.
  • Chase the informant.
  • Interrogate the informant.
  • Talk to River.
  • Get in River's car.
  • Ride with River to the Japantown market.
  • Follow River.
  • Ask the vendors about Christine Markov.
  • Question Christine Markov.
  • Talk to River.
  • Deal with the Tyger Claws.
  • Talk to River.
  • Get in River's car.
  • Go with River to the Red Queen's Race.
  • Talk to River.
  • Enter the warehouse.
  • Find a way into the club.
  • Find a way into the Red Queen's Race.
  • Enter the Red Queen's Race.
  • Incapacitate the Animal boss. [Optional]
  • Look for the office.
  • Interrogate the Animal boss. [Optional]
  • Check the computer.
  • Talk to River.
  • Watch the security recording.
  • Talk to River.
  • Go with River to confront Detective Han.
  • Confront Detective Han.
  • Talk to River.
  • Call Elizabeth Peralez.
  • Go to the Peralezes' apartment.
  • Use the intercom.
  • Take the elevator to the penthouse.
  • Talk to Elizabeth and Jefferson.
    • Sit.
  • Leave the building.



  • The name of this quest is a reference to the song "I Fought the Law," by The Clash, originally recorded by The Crickets in 1958-1959 and released in 1960. The song was written by Sonny Curtis.[1]
  • There's also a reference to the movie "Fight Club" in the email on the computer. The repeated mentioning of "don't talk about the club"...