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For decades, modem fighter planes have had the ability to outperform their pilots. The G-forces caused by acceleration and high-speed maneuvers have been the cause of many pilot fatalities. It stands to reason that when the machine outperforms the flesh, you get rid of the flesh. IEC, with the Wingman full body conversion, has finally enabled pilots to take their fighter to the limit. Designed to withstand even the fifteen G's pumped out by the F-36 Fire-shark cyberfighter, Wingman takes air combat to new, undreamt-of heights.

Wingman's responses are as fast as a computer—they have to be. With Al-guided missiles and hypervelocity projectiles filling the air, every micro-second counts. Along with a "greased" nervous system, the Wingman body has six interface plugs, allowing for maximum interface with any cybernetically-controlled aircraft. To further aid in dogfighting an maneuvering, an advanced gyro-stabilizer is built into the skull, preventing any dizziness due to sudden changes in orientation; very little can disturb the concentration of a Wingman. Employing specially buffered biosystems and a high-performance, high-stress blood pump, Wingman can effectively ignore problems normally associated with acceleration. Blackouts red-outs become a thing of the past.

All the reflexes in world won't help in an air war if you can't sense your environment effectively. To this end, Wingman's visual sensor suite includes everything a fighter pilot could want: flare compensation, telescopic systems, high-resolution visual enhancement and a visual marquee for heads-up information. There comes a time, however, when you have to leave your plane behind. For such contingencies, this full-body conversion includes an on-board parachute. A weapon holster and multi-purpose blade are also included for when you reach the ground, and a locator beacon ensures that the rescue team will be able to find you. Remember: any cyborg body you can walk away in is a good one.[1]

Wingman Physical Stats
Reflex: 15 *10*
Attractiveness: NA
Movement Allowance: 10
M/turn: 30m MPH: 20mph
Jump (up): 6m (broad): 8m
Body: 12
Lift: 480kg Throw: 120m
Damage Mod: +4
Punch: 1D6+4 Kick: 2D6+4
Physical Structure
SP: 25
SDP: 20 (disabled), 30 (destoryed)
Options (Optic): 0 & 0
Options (Audio) 5
Right Arm w/ Hand Torso Left Arm w/ Hand
SP: 25 SP: 25 SP: 25
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 30/40 SDP: 20/30
Options: 2 Options: 3 Options: 3
Right Leg w/ Foot Left Leg w/ Foot
SP: 25 SP: 25
SDP: 20/30 SDP: 20/30
Options: 1 Options: 2

Options Packages[]

Sensor Options:[]

Locator Beacon - a radio signal unit with a 100km range, because you want to protect your investment. *1*

Visual Systems: Teleoptics (20x magnifications), Image Enhancement (+2 to visual Awareness rolls), AntiDazzle, Times Square Plus. *4*[1]

Weapons Subsystems:[]

Survival Blade - A wrist blade which extends between the knuckles, doing 1D6+7 damage (BOD included). *2*

Leg Holster - This can hold a Heavy Pistol, Light SMG or a Folding Shotgun, as well as one spare clip of ammo (weapons not included). *1*[1]

Other Options:[]

Parachute - This internally-stored back unit compresses the 'chute Into a tiny package, and blasts it out with gas pressure: cannot work under 200 feet. *2*

Gyroscope - (+2 on Sickness rolls, +1 to high-G maneuvers, +2 on any REF roll involving balance). *1*

Two extra sets of Interface Plugs, making three pairs total. *2*

Humanity Cost: 20D6 (16D6+23)[1]


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