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Hunter Murdoch is a Media now, a Military Affairs correspondent, like yours truly. It turns out that both he and I were studying at the Lazarus Foundation at the same time. Murdoch is good; I've seen his work. He could have sold out to a corp years ago, but he chose to stay freelance and remain with the people he knows. Ten years ago, in the Jungles of Colombia, he was the Professor's psychological operations, propaganda and interrogation specialist.


INT 10, REF 7, TECH 4, COOL 10, ATTR 8, LUCK 5, MA 8, BODY 8, EMP 10/7, SAVE 8, BTM -3.[1]


Credibility 7, Awareness/Notice 5, Composition 5, Education and General Knowledge 6, Persuasion 6, Human Perception 7, Streetwise 4, Photo and Film 4, Interview 4, Interrogation 8, Expert: Psychological Warfare 7, Expert: Propaganda 6, Rifle 4, Submachinegun 5, Handgun 6, Melee 3, Karate 4, Stealth 3, Driving 5.[1]


Biomonitor, Basic Processor, Interface Plugs, Smartgun Link, Data Term Link, Interface Plugs, Chipware Socket, Audio/ Video Recorder, Basic Cyberoptic, Targeting Scope, Times Square Marquee, Low-Lite™, Video Camera (linked to recorder), Basic Cyberaudio, Micro-Recorder Link, Wide Band Scanner, Sound Editing, Radio Link.[1]




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