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The Pistis Sophia is an abandoned hotel in the Pacifica district of Night City.[1]


The Hotel Pistis Sophia is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Night City. It was built in Pacifica sometime in the city's early years, before the Second Central American War.

The hotel endured decades of tumultuous events, including the Night City Holocaust of 2023, the reconstruction of the city during the Time of the Red, and the economic damage caused to Pacifica by the Unification War between 2069 and 2070. By 2077, the Pistis Sophia still stood, but was no longer a functional hotel. It had become a decaying derelict occupied by Night City's poorest citizens and squatters, and some rooms had been left empty for years.

When Robert John Linder deserted from the Army, after his best friend died taking a bullet for him, Robert returned to Night City, renting a room at Pistis Sophia. He spent several weeks contemplating his life and the corruption in the world. After leaving the hotel, he became Johnny Silverhand, the rockerboy who started the band Samurai in 2003, and tried to rebel against the corporations through music.

The merc V awoke in the Pistis Sophia in 2077, after being guided there by Johnny Silverhand's engram following a Relic malfunction. The rockerboy showed V where he had hidden his friend's dogtags years ago, and had V take them as a token of his promise to do right by them.[1]

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  • Pistis Sophia is a Gnostic text in which the resurrected Christ tells his disciples the story of Sophia's fall from the higher realms into chaos and her redemption through the intervention of Christ himself.



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