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The Horrigan Family Home is a location in Cyberpunk 2077.


The house can be found on Gibson Street in the Rancho Coronado sub-district of Santo Domingo.


The building consists of a large basement, a ground floor and a second floor. Back door can be opened with 12 Body and opening the front door requires 12 Technical Ability.

On the roof of the house, a crate containing components can be found.

Ground floor[]

The ground floor contains a living room, a kitchen and a office. The office contains Juliet's computer, alongside a wall safe that was previously hidden behind a painting.


The basement contains a ripperdoc chair, a bloodied floor, Juliet Horrigan's body and an enraged Rose Horrigan who has succumbed to cyberpsychosis. On a desk next to the chair a second computer also owned by Juliet can be found.

Second floor[]

The second floor of the building contains a bathroom and Juliet's bedroom. The bedroom contains Rose Horrigan's computer and has a very noticeable 3-month old dried splatter of blood on a cupboard. The cupboard next to it has a used first-aid kit covered in blood. Both the splatter and the first-aid kit can be scanned by the player.

The bathroom isn't all too special with the exception of the large amount of painkillers being stored on shelves.

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