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Hole in the Sky is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Journal Entry[]

Songbird. Real pretty handle for the lethal netjock who just blasted into the Relic from a hijacked plane. Which just crash landed in that dump called Dogtown. Go on li'l soldier, run along and rescue NUS President Rosalind Myers. Assumin' it's not too late. If I missed anything, it's 'cause I'm busy writin' all this shit down for posterity – I don't like our chances here one bit.


  • Go to the crash site.
  • (Optional) Hack the laptop
  • Go to the crane.
  • Talk to Songbird.
  • Get onto the crane arm.
  • Go to the wreckage.
  • Enter the wreckage.
  • Find Rosalind Myers.
  • Talk to President Myers.
  • Defeat the attackers.

Associated Computers[]

Associated Shards[]

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  • When V reaches the roadblock that triggers Songbird's voiceline suggesting the player to "go around", the player can sneak towards the left and eavesdrop on a conversation between two BARGHEST Privates behind an unscannable Militech Behemoth. When the conversation ends, the standing BARGHEST Private will immediately despawn. However, if V is detected by or engages in combat with said enemy at any point beforehand, the enemy will function as normal, and can even be looted or moved if killed.