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The Ho-Oh is a casino/braindance/night club found in Kabuki, Watson.


The Ho-Oh club is owned by the Tyger Claws-leader Jotaro Shobo.

There are a lot of criminal activities being conducted in this club, most of it happening out-of-sight from customers on the upper floors.

After Gig: Monster Hunt, the bartender will tell V that the club is under new management.[1]

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This Kabuki-based casino is run by the Tyger Claws. The ground floor is the only space accessible to customers, while the rest is occupied by gang operations. If you ever need to get up from blackjack game to stretch your legs, think twice before heading upstairs.[1]


1st Floor/Ground Floor

The ground floor has the main entrance to the club. Here one can find arcade and vending machines, several blackjack tables, storage rooms, toilets, the VIP area, several rentable private rooms and the main bar.

To the left of the entrance, there is also a garage where several Tyger Claws can be seen working on hardware.

2nd Floor

The second floor mainly consists of one large center area with a small bar, with several smaller employee facilities, such as beds and changing rooms surrounding it.

3rd Floor

The third floor consists of the braindance studio and Jotaro Shobo's office. There are also several surgery tables.

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