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Highrider Slang is a set of terms and jargon unique to Highriders, living apart form earth, within artificial environments. "Highrider" is an Earthside term for anyone born, or spend most of their time working, in space.

  • Aerials: To do zero-G gymnastic/acrobatic stunts
  • Apogee: The best. The greatest.
  • Big Dark: Space
  • The Belt The Main Asteroid Belt.
  • Belting: To live or work in the Belt.
  • Breath Vac: To run out of air.
  • Cobbers: Your buddies or members of your workgang.
  • Chaol: Te be tough. A real stud.
  • Config: To arrange something. As it "I configured to dock with her."
  • Delta'd: To make maximum speed towards some place, as in "I delta'd to Luna."
  • Delta-Vee: To thrust (move forward) in space.
  • Dirt: Earth
  • Dirt Sniffer: pejorative term for a Groundsider.
  • Drop Out: Go back to Earth or Luna.
  • Dock: To meet someone. Also, to have sex.
  • Go LEO: To make a trip into Low Earth Orbit; i.e., to visit one of the inner space stations.
  • Goop Ball: A ball of sticky polymer which can be used to temporarily seal small pressure violations.
  • Groundsider: Someone who's never been to space.
  • Grab Gee: To spend time in a gravity field.
  • Grav or Gee: Weight. Also; a measure of importance, as in, "I didn't have the gee to pull it off."
  • Kranston: To become violently spacesick; as in "When we hit LEO the dirt-sniffer pulled a Kranston maneuver."
  • Popsicle: A frozen corpse, usually found in a drifting spacewreck.
  • Rad: Radiation. Also a dose of radiation.
  • Reconfig: To kill with a knife.
  • Salv: Retrieve space junk, usually for reward.
  • Signal: Personal style, i.e., clothes, suit decorations, tattoos, etc.
  • Solar Wind: A blowhard; something that is pretty much bull.
  • Walabout: To go outside of a pressure dome or ship. To go EVA.
  • The Word: The spacers' own common sense.
  • Workganger: Construction worker of space.
  • Workgang: A tight-knit team of Workgangers. A construction crew.
  • Zeroed: To die To be killed.