Heywood is a neighborhood of contrast—from modern skyscrapers and parks in the north, to dangerous, inhospitable slums in the south. It's “the biggest bedroom in Night City”, where gangs like Valentinos and 6th Street get down to business—legal and illegal alike.

The Heywood District is one of the six districts of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077. It contrasts a rich beautiful look in the North, with the South comprising of poverty ridden slums where gangs like the Valentinos and 6th Street reside in.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Heywood is a district of complete contrast. The north borders the City Center, and is where you'll find lush parks and modern skyscrapers towering high above.[1] However further south, the views change drastically, with dangerous and unwelcoming slums dominating the urban landscape. Heywood isn't all bad, even with the Valentinos and 6th Street gangs roaming about.

It's known by the locals as "the biggest bedroom in Night City". Due to most of the people living here. The richer parts of Heywood are primarily occupied by corpos.[1] For every rule there’s always the exception — an odd soul from outside the corporate circle that occasionally manages to get an apartment. The rest are just happy they get to live in Heywood, with their only realistic alternatives being Pacifica or the industrial wasteland outside of the city.[1]

Wellsprings, the safest part of Heywood, is full of working stiffs and underpaid corporate employees. Much like any other american city in 2077.

After Night City got taken over by corporations, the government moved to Glen. It’s now a state-owned sub-district with a town hall, mayor's office, court and for what it’s worth — a big NCPD station.[1]

Vista Del Rey is the poorest of the district. It’s heavily under-invested, crime ridden, and slowly descending further into chaos, with many residents moving to other locations and more gang members moving into the empty void.[1]

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