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Disambig This article is about the location in Cyberpunk 2020. For other uses, see Heywood (disambiguation).

Heywood (also known as Section J) is a light industrial and residential suburb located southeast of Night City.

Heywood borders North Oak to the north, South Night City to the northwest, and Rancho Coronado to the southwest.


Heywood is a light industrial area that lies on the east of San Morro Bay, between Rancho Coronado and North Oak. Heywood has a little of everything, some housing, a little retail shopping, a few bars and parks, and the well-known Apple Corporate Valley subdivision - a primarily Biotechnica-dominated beaverville in South Heywood.

Most of Heywood's rolling hills, however, are dotted with large, sprawling factories. Among these many industrial complexes, one can find an Arasaka arms factory, several Biotechnica research stations, two EBM storage and research stations, and many other facilities. These bland, mass-designed industrial parks dot the hills of Heywood, some underground, some above, some small, some sprawling over acres. At some point, there were so many of them that even the Heywood City Council didn't know all of their names or what they did.[1][2]


NCART Stations[]

  • Heywood Station




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