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Herrera is a Spanish automotive manufacturer in Cyberpunk 2077.


Herrera manufactures luxury vehicles and are known for their quality sports cars and limousines.[1]

A lot has changed in the last century, but Spain's reputation for automotive excellence has not. One of its most successful vehicles is the Herrera Outlaw GTS, one of the few models still handcrafted with the expertise of world-class engineers.[2]


Model Year Factory versions Custom variants
Outlaw 2072 - 2074 Herrera Outlaw GTS Herrera Outlaw "Weiler"
Riptide 2077 Herrera Riptide GT2 Herrera Riptide "Terrier"


  • Herrera is a Spanish toponymic word, frequently seen as a surname, which comes from the word "herrería", meaning "smithy."
  • The Herrera logo is clearly inspired by that of British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar. Though instead of a jaguar, the Herrera logo depicts a cheetah.



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