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Heroes is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


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To unlock this mission, the player must choose either for Jackie Welles's body to be sent to his family or for the Delamain to wait for V at the end of The Heist.

The quest begins in Act 2, where shortly after exiting your apartment, you'll get a call from Jackie's mother, Guadalupe Alejandra Welles, and involves attending Jackie's ofrenda, a traditional memorial ceremony, at El Coyote Cojo.

After you choose an item for the ofrenda, Misty will note she'll stay behind to say goodbye to Jackie in his garage because Mama Welles never liked her. You can either let her stay or convince her to go with you to the ofrenda. If you convince her, after the speeches are given, you can push Mama Welles to be nicer to Misty.

Completing the quest will reward the player with Jackie's ARCH motorcycle. Returning to the altar, you will find the iconic La Chingona Dorada, which are a pair of Nues.

Journal Entry[]

I don't usually give advice, but... fuck it, here goes. Don't make the same mistake I made - say goodbye to the people you love. You know what I mean, right? Jackie Welles was your best choom, and you don't find a lot of straight-up peeps like that in NC. Best thing you can is remember them. Oh, and one more thing. If anyone asks, I didn't just say all that to you. Got it?


  • Read the message from Mama Welles. [Optional]
  • Call Mama Welles.
  • Talk to Mama Welles. (If you sent Jackie's body to Viktor's Clinic, at the end of The Heist, the job ends here)
  • Meet Mama Welles at El Coyote Cojo.
  • Talk to Mama Welles.
  • Sit.
  • Go to Jackie's garage.
  • Talk to Misty.
  • Open the garage.
  • Scan and search the garage. [Optional]
  • Choose an offering for the ofrenda.
  • If you interact with the blue door:
    • Find the key to Jackie's room.
    • Open Jackie's room.
  • Talk to Misty.
  • Take part in the ofrenda at El Coyote Cojo.
    • Talk to Misty. [Optional]
  • Talk to Mama Welles.
  • Take part in the ofrenda.
    • Sit.
    • Leave an offering in Jackie's memory.
    • Raise a toast to Jackie.
  • Talk to Mama Welles.
  • Talk to the bartender. [Optional]
  • Talk to Viktor. [Optional]
  • Talk to the Valentinos. [Optional]
  • Talk to Padre. [Optional]
  • Leave the bar.