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Henry is a minor character and the ex-bassist of the band Samurai.[2]


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Henry was the bassist for the band Samurai until their breakup, after which he fried his brain while working on a human interface prototype with Blazetech.[1]


After the incident, Henry's nervous system was rewired, he slowly regained his memory, and by 2013 he was slowly regaining basic motor skills. He eventually became an addict.[1][2] At some point after the band break up, he had a relationship with Denny, the drummer.[3]


Before 2077, Henry was a drug addict. He went to Denny for help and she managed to get him a good gig and a decent band to work with. After a month of getting along with the new band they kicked him out and he was back at where he started. He begged Denny for help, but she left him. Henry almost flatlined on the street where she stepped around. Afterwards all of Denny's old friends stopped communication with him.

In 2077, Henry was contacted by Kerry Eurodyne for a Samurai reunion in honor of Silverhand. After being told to meet up with Denny at her place, he crashed a cement truck into her house and filled the pool with cement much to her annoyance. V Had the choice picking either Henry or Denny to join them on stage.[3]

Reunion with Samurai[]

After V chose Henry, he then prepared for the night of the secret concert in the Arroyo bar Red Dirt. Upon everyone's arrival he spoke with V about his past with Denny and what his thoughts were on the special show. Henry mentioned how Kerry helped him get in shape for the show. After a successful gig, Henry states his going to drink himself to oblivion as Kerry's picking up the tab.[3]

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