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Senior news producer at Network 54's flagship Night City operation, and Satchel Sabo's immediate boss. At 48, Lane is a savvy Media who has seen it all in her long career in broadcast news. She is a tough, smart, competent executive, and has been tapped to move up in the Net 54 hierarchy within the next couple years.[1]


INT 10, COOL 10, MA 7, SAVE 6, REF 7, ATR 9, BODY 6, BTM -2, TECH 7, LUCK 8, EMP 10.[1]


Credibility +10, Awareness/Notice +10, Composition +4, Education and General Knowledge +7, Persuasion and Fast Talk +6, Human Perception +7, Social +5, Streetwise +6, Interview +6, Personal Grooming +4, Wardrobe and Style +5, Brawling +3, Driving +4, Handgun +3.[1]


Shift-tacts, chemskins, basic processor, chipware socket, interface plugs, data term link, basic cyberoptic (both eyes), color shift, image enhancement Low Lite, MicroVldeo optic, Times Square Marquee, basic cyberaudio, amplified hearing, level damper, sound editing.[1]

Weapon and Equipment[]

Federated Arms X-9mm with two magazines, cellular phone.[1]


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