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Hawaii is a state within the United States of America. Due to being under the official control of the United States Armed Forces, it became a USA military state in 1997.


1990s - 2020s[]

The United States military co-opted the entire island of Oahu to ensure the security of Hawaii and the rest of the nation during the Mideast Meltdown, becoming a military island. But it still remains a popular vacation site of lush tropical paradise, the perfect site for a relaxing vacation for beavers, corporates, and drug kingpins alike, especially for those with money enough to purchase Exterritorial Concealed Weapons Permits (known as "e-quips").[1]

Areas of Hawaii[]

Known settlements[]

  • Hilo
  • Honolulu
  • Kaena Station
  • Pearl Harbor


  • Oahu
    • Kaena Point



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