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Haruko Kanawa was a dedicated Arasaka cyberninja bodyguard and team leader in 2020. Haruka was known for being a gorgeous woman, and wore a black leather body suit with a gunbelt. While in excellent shape and she used her looks to her advantage. She also is known for having a F size bras, which often distracts the weak minded. She is a cross between a leather fantasy and an SS nightmare.[1]


Early Life[]

Haruko Kanawa was born in Sendai, Japan. Her family wasn't particularly well of and struggled most of their lives, even Haruko had to work to support her family. In 2015 she joined Arasaka and was assigned as Okano's chief enforcer, a skilled and ruthless solo in the corporate ninja style.


She was privy to Okano's plans of an Arasaka coup, and was counting on being made chief of his security and corporate army if his plan had succeeded. Haruko also attempted to negotiate with possible threats rather than fight. She had been confirmed to be under strict orders to not fight or do anything else that could endanger operations of her boss.[1]

Years after Okano's death and failure to form a successful coup, Haruko Kanawa became the leader of a special ops team consisting of seven other Japanese Solos and a Techie. After managing to avoid disgrace after the Clone debacle, Haruko being an excellent agent and loyal cyberninja, had been reassigned as a covert-ops team leader.

She had been loyal and thorough in her duties, preferring to handle matters from a distance when possible, but was more than capable to lead her troops. Some members of her covert operations team consisted of: Utamuro Ono, Mitsuko Taida, and Ichigo Maruyama to name a few.[2]

2022 - 2023[]

In 2022, she was stationed in the Arasaka Tower in Night City. During the Militech assault on the building, Kei Arasaka ordered her to cut off Strike Team Beta in the sub-basement. She was subsequently killed in the ensuring firefight.[3]


Combat Sense +9, Athletics +7, Awareness/Notice +7, Handgun +6, Akido +5, Melee 7, Weapons Tech +3, Rifle +5, Athletics +7, Submachine Gun +5, Stealth +7, Driving +4, Electronic Security +4, Seduction +6, Hide/Evade +5, Japanese (Native), English +6.[1]


Type Products
Cyberware Light tattoo, basic processor, Kerenzikov level 2, chipware socket, interface plugs, data term link, smartgun link, contraceptive implant, muscle and bone lace, rippers, basic cyberoptic, colorshift, image enhancement, targeting scope, Times Square Marquee.[1]
Armaments SP 10 armored bodysuit, Low Lite goggles, smartchipped Arasaka WSA pistol with three magazines, headset radio, monoknife, 9 throwing stars with poison (3D6 toxin damage).[1] SP 12 Bodysuit, smartchipped Arasaka WSA pistol, smartchipped Arasaka WMA Minami 10 with suppressor, monoknife, smart-goggles with low-lite, antidazzle, thermograph, headset radio, Militech M96 Ghostsuit, 15 "ninja" smoke pellets, 1 flash-bang grenade.[2]



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