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HardWired, subtitled, The Sourcebook, is a sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2013 and is based on the novel Hardwired by Walter Jon Williams, who also co-authored the book alongside Mike Pondsmith.

Originally published to be used with the first edition of Cyberpunk, the book was meant to immerse players in the world of HardWired by the author himself. Quoted as being "Cyberpunk, about 40 years later", the world of HardWired is completely separate from the world of Cyberpunk, and as such players are advised to use the rule set of Cyberpunk, but create new characters using role such as the iconic Panzerboy or the netrunner-like CrystalJockey.

The book features a large section on the differences between Cyberpunk and HardWired, as well as in-depth rules for netrunning in HardWired. The final section of the book features several adventures for players to run.



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