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"Hand" has an uncertain background, originally coming from one of the many Combat Zones that sprung up around the violent city of Miami. The son of a fugitive drug smuggler, he was brought up by his elder sister. He saw that those with power derive it from their ability to make things happen. He took this to heart and quickly became an invaluable person to know—to virtually everyone he was the person to see if you needed something or someone. This quickly brought him enemies and friends in equal proportions, eventually leading to his betrayal to a rival. Now he's on the run, pursued by a Miami-based Corp, his earlier life on the streets preparing him well for survival. The latest attempt by a fellow Fixer "to correct an error" left him minus his right arm, but Hand has even turned this to his advantage by building a reputation around his very visible chrome and neon cyberarm. (The pop-up pistol has also meant he's always ready now!)

His major motivation in life is to escape the streets and to be able to "retire". He is looking for that elusive big score, but so far he has only managed to keep ahead of his bills. The street has also left him with a detached viewpoint, viewing his clients as separate from himself. However, he will help anyone he sees as a true friend, including laying his life on the line for them—lucky for him so far, he hasn't had to prove this too many times.[1]

Operating Style[]

Hand is currently working on his lack of Corporate connections by acting as go-between for "jobs" that Corps want done out-of-house. He has usually the dubious honor of recruiting Cyberpunks to do these jobs, briefing them and then making sure they follow through. This is a dangerous line to be in, as both sides (Corps and Punks) will look for him if something goes wrong!

Hand hopes to gain as many good contacts as possible, in all the different layers of society. This he equates with Knowledge, and from it, the power to control his life. So far he has a lot of street friends, and some underworld friends, but no major players and very few Corporate contacts, due to the fact that he has not been born and bred into that close-knit circle of people.[1]


INT: 7, EMP: 8/6, LUCK: 8, BOD: 7, TECH: 5, ATT: 5, Rep: 3, REF: 6, COOL: 10, MA: 5[1]


Streetdeal +6, Intimidate +6, Persuasion +7, Social +2, Human Perception +5, Athletic +7, Martial Arts (Animal Kung Fu) +8, Handgun +5, Melee +5, Forgery +5, Language (Spanish) +4, Library Search +3, Shadow/Track +4, Water Vehicles +3[1]


Neural Processor w/lnterface plugs (Smartgun link), Kerenzikov Boost (2 levels), Chipware socket w/Stress chip and a mix of skill chips, Right Cyberarm (with RJ, SUPR ARM options and a pop-up Colt ANIT 2000 w/LimbLink option)[1]


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