Guadalupe Alejandra Welles, commonly known as Mama Welles, is the owner of El Coyote Cojo bar, and the mother of Jackie Welles.


During the six months that Jackie and V were working as mercs, Mama Welles let V live at their house until V had enough money to rent their own apartment.

Database Entry

Guadalupe Alejandra Welles - but everyone calls her Mamá. It's almost taken for granted that whoever walks through her front door can count on being listened to as well as sitting down to a delicious meal. And like every mother, she would give up anything - even her life - to protect her children.
An important figure in Heywood - even the toughest Valentinos nad in respect when she passes. Padre even once said that not only does Mama Welles have a good heart, but that she's tougher than any ganger in the district.[1]

Associated Quests


  • Once all associated activities have been completed, she remains a permanent food and drink vendor in El Coyote Cojo.


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