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Grey "Ghost Rider" Falcone is one of the classic combat Netrunners on the street today. He is an Aikido master, an accomplished swordsman and a hot computer cowboy—as equally at home on the street as he is decrypting logic sequencers.

Grey is one of three siblings born to a southwestern nomad family. When his brother, Ice, and sister, Jade, went to fight in SA, Grey managed to enter Texas A&M, scoring a scholarship in their Internet Study program.

At the time, Grey was becoming proficient in Aikido. To fulfill his Phys Ed requirement, he entered an intensive training course, further honing his skills. After graduation, Grey found a dojo to complete his mastery of the form. He interned with several computer firms during this time, sharpening his Net skills as well.

Grey went back to the pack for a while, discovering that his relatives had not returned from the War. No death notices had been sent, and inquiry to the Army revealed that Ice and Jade had both survived, but nobody knew where they had gone after discharge. At the request of his parents, Grey went in search of his two siblings, first scouring the Net for any info he could turn up, then actually roaming the county once the paper trail faded. All three ran into each other in Bangkok They've worked together occasionally since then, visiting the pack at least once a year. They later all co-founded together the private security firm Affirmative Action.[1]

Greys expenses are heavy; to support his lifestyle, he needs more work than play. His custom deck wiped out the remainder of his bank account, so he tends to grab hot-test software the minute it hits the street (whether or not he can afford it). Gray makes a point of contributing to the pack when he can, so that drains his resources, too.[2]

Operating Style[]

Grey is cocky, cool and aggressive. He loves the Net as much as he loves his fighting form and is dedicated to both. Unlike most Edgerunners, Grey is concerned with health and fitness. He doesn't do drugs (a first, neh?), doesn't drink much, and will spend extra on real food, not processed chemical garbage. He is constantly jogging, lifting weights, and practicing calisthenics in his off-time.

When not on a job, Grey is usually shirtless, sporting his neon pack tattoo: a flaming skull, symbolizing the Fuego Muertes pack. His Icon is frat of a biker with a similar skull riding an ethereal motorcycle. Most of Greys real-world friends are separate from his circle of Net friends.

Greys main concern is maintaining that famous edge. He secretly fears the day that his programs run one nanosecond slower, the day his well-placed strike lands half an inch off point.[2]


INT: 9, LUCK: 5, BOD: 8, TECH: 7, ATT: 7, Rep: 5, REF: 9/10, EMP: 6, COOL: 7, MA: 7.[2]


Interface +6 Family +3], Awareness +6, Athletics +6, Rifle +4, Motorcycle +7, Martial Arts (Aikido) +9, Pistol +5, General Knowledge +3, Cyberdeck Design +5, Programming +6, Stealth +6, Drive +4, Fencing +6, Teach +4, Systems Knowledge +3, Endurance +3, Lie +1[2]


Basic Processor w/lnterface plugs (Smartgun link, Cybermodem link), Sandevistan Boost, Boostmaster, Left Cyberoptic (w/Dodge Ball, IR TA IE options), Tech Hair (Blue), Neon Tattoo Toxin Binders, Subdermal Armor (10 SP torso, 8SP head), 2x Orbital Crystal Cyberhands.[2]

Custom Aztec 600 Deck[]

Speed: +5, MU: 35, Datawalls: +8, Options: Flip Switch, Security System (Thumb Slot, Retina Scan), 20SP Armor, Cellular Capable, Keyboard, Videoboard, Chip Reader, Data Shielding.[2]


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